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A B O U T   A L E J A N D R O 

Alejandro grew up in a Cuban Catholic family in Miami, FL where he spent his adolescent and teen years through high school playing competitive tennis. At the age of 19 he moved to Paris to finish his university studies in Art History and French, and soon thereafter moved to New York in the Spring of 2013 to work in fashion PR and later hotel branding.

An ever curious soul for the unexplainable, Alejandro has tried many methods and is humbled to have meet Taryn in the Spring of 2015; the year he says he learned how to feel again. The stress he was under in the corporate world was leaving him dry and far from his voice, and he felt an incredible clarity towards his life mission while on retreat with Taryn in Martha's Vineyard in July of 2015 thanks to a big push from his close friend, confidant and fellow trainer Rashia Bell who urged him to attend.

In September 2015 he had the great fortune of traveling to Cape Town, South Africa to receive his Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher's certification, and has been studying closely with Taryn, Natalie and Jaycee since his return. He sees clients privately, specializing in creating meditation programs to fit their aspirations.

He believes the work done in class, catapults you into heightened awareness. Major focus is paid to controlling the breath throughout the class, and for those who aren't fans of meditating or feel completely in the dark, Alejandro will ease you in with simple techniques that he lives by on his own journey. He studies the healing science of Sat Nam Rasayan, so don't be surprised if you leave class feeling lighter and clearer. Nothing but good energy for healing, great remixes and a push towards the courage to tap into the strength you never knew how to use.

Instagram: @Alejandro_Lazaro

Snapchat: AlejandroLazaro

Website: UNTOSELF.com