The Class by Taryn Toomey is a 75-minute cathartic mind-body experience.   


The Class is a cathartic mind-body experience.

You shake, you pulse, you bounce, and you use sound to break open and activate stagnant "layers" in the body where stress, tension, and emotions are stored. In The Class you build a lean, strong body and cleanse the emotional and spiritual self through intense physical exertion, therapeutic instruction, and heart-pumping music.

The challenging movement creates contraction and release that cleanses age-old emotional habits stored in the body. Cardio blasts flush the system to create new fertile space for positive change, unveiling untapped strength in every possible sense of the word.   


The Class Cardio is a 45-minute nonstop endorphin surge. 

This cardio-blasting, soul-shaking class combines toning, aerobic, and anaerobic training all set to fresh, new heart-pumping music. You will quickly reach and surpass your physical and mental limits to reveal a new endorphin-firing, empowered body. 


The Class Prenatal is a vigorous yet safe fitness experience for mothers-to-be.

Specially designed to prepare the body and mind for childbirth, this class allows you to exert safely while flushing the system of heaviness and tension. Specific attention is given to each participant before and throughout the movement practice. Low-impact cardio, pelvic floor exercises and deep breath work are woven into the traditional framework of The Class. The journey of contraction and expansion is explored in order to find peace through strength. 


In The Class, you will find that you are much stronger than you thought.