A B O U T   R A J


Raj is an inquisitive student and teacher of yoga as well as a certified holistic nutritionist.  Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Raj moved to NYC in 2015 on a quest for something bigger. After much hesitation (for fear of not being fit enough), Raj agreed to attend The Class By Taryn Toomey with a friend who was in town visiting. It was within the first few minutes of practice that a very profound realization began to play out and Raj knew that Taryn Toomey had created something very special.

Raj developed a curiosity for movement and energy after losing her father in 2013, her way of coping was to move and the more she did so, the more she found clarity in the process of grief.  While a yoga practice had been appearing in and out of her life for sometime, it was during this process that a sense of wonder turned into a full-blown obsession.

Coupling yoga with all the facets she has learned from her nutrition degree plus the layer of unexplainable magic she has received from her involvement with The Class By Taryn Toomey, Raj aims to educate, share and inspire others with the wonderful tools of health and wellness that she so gratefully lives by.

Her dynamic, funned wise class will allow you to access the mind-body connection in a new light, one that leaves you feeling empowered, in control and open hearted. It is through this process that Raj has been able to delve deeper and discover a fire in her practice that has not been attainable previous to her profound experience of The Class. The magic that is created within the self practice is one that creates a ripple effect into all areas of your life. Raj is thrilled to facilitate your journey in her classes.

Sounds :  Desiigner, MIA, David Grey, Rolling Stones, London Grammar, Sol Seppy, Florence + The Machine, The XX, Jamie xx, The Presets