A B O U T   R A S H I A 

Rashia was born to be involved in the performance arts.  At the age of 2 she began 10 years of classical Suzuki violin training at the same time as taking her first Ballet classes.  Smitten with Ballet, at 5 she started her formal classical dance training with the Pennsylvania Ballet and performed on stage for the first of many seasons in their re-staging of The Nutcracker.   Her classical Balanchine training and love for ballet blossomed and continued for more than 15 years.

After an injury abruptly put an end to a dance career path, Rashia moved to New York City to study Fashion and spent 10 years as a fashion and beauty executive while starting to yearn for something more.  She desired to be more creative and went back to school this time obtaining a 2nd degree in Interior Design.  Rashia has spent the past 8 years merging both her fashion and interior design business background by doing both design work and consulting for creative brands and growing companies, including the class.

In the time since her dance career ended Rashia was constantly searching for something to fill the void of a dream once lost.  Always interested in fitness and feeling bit defeated by many of life’s obstacles, she spent a over year searching for a new physical outlet that offered both a challenge, the ability to transform oneself and an emotional connection similar to that felt while dancing and performing.  It was on this path of discovery that 2 years into being a student of the class, Rashia realized to teach the class was the missing “thing” that she had been yearning for since her dance career ended.  She has loved being embraced by the class community and the opportunity that has been given to her to be able to put a personal ballet spin on the traditional class, allowing it to merge both grace and strength.

Rashia is currently finishing her training in Crystal Healing and incorporating them into her Interior Design body of work.  They are an unexpected surprise you may come across in her classes to assist in cleansing and grounding the practice space.

Instagram: @rashiabell