A B O U T   S A M A N T H A


Samantha was born and raised in New Jersey. While studying Art History & Economics at Trinity College she traveled 3 semesters abroad - in Paris, Florence & London. It was in London in 2008 that Samantha found yoga. Up until that point, she bad been fabulously successful at escaping her life - but yoga brought her face to face with the struggles she didn't think she was able to confront. She realized that through the confrontation, she did not break as she feared; instead, she grew stronger. She found that through conscious movement, we can discover the profound relationship between the body and the mind, and how those two aspects work hand in hand to promote healing. 

Samantha moved to New York in 2010 and has been both teaching yoga & prenatal yoga and working a full time corporate job. Although it seems there aren't enough hours in the day - Samantha also participates in a yoga teacher training program & serves as a mentor to new teachers. 

Her own mentor, close friend and co-teacher, Heather Lilleston, introduced Samantha to The Class by Taryn Toomey in 2014. Samantha felt such strong parallels between this method & yoga, and even deeper parallels to prenatal yoga. To understand that there's a conversation going on always - with ourselves - and that we can shift that dialogue... means that we are in control. And that is empowering. 

Samantha continued to explore the emotional and spiritual transformation from the mind-body connection as part of the first-ever East Coast Teacher Training in 2015. 
Her classes are lighthearted yet deep, challenging yet fun – striving to awaken, uplift and transform. She aims to create an all-inclusive space where no matter what you're bringing with you to your mat, you'll walk out feeling lighter.

Sounds : Mumford & Sons, Tracy Chapman, Pearl Jam, Florence + the Machine, Disclosure, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Ellie Goulding, Rusted Root, U2