A B O U T   S A M A N T H A

Samantha took her first yoga class in 2008 to cope with the loss of her sister. From spending time on the mat with her thoughts, her internal conversation, and her breath - she had the profound realization that the body could be used as an entry point to ease the struggle.

Samantha received a 200hr yoga certification and went on to study under the mentorship & guidance of Heather Lilleston. Wanting to explore the relationship between the body & the mind further, Samantha studied pregnancy & birth and eventually received a prenatal yoga certification.

By this point Samantha had it figured out (or so she thought). She was balancing a full time career with a full time dedication to the yoga practice & teachings. Then she stumbled into The Class. What Samantha hadn't yet realized was that there were many, many more layers - much deeper down - that she hadn't accessed yet.

Samantha's teachings are rooted in her evolving work as a student. She believes that in The Class we can use the body - through intentional discomfort - to go in, peel back the layers, break them down, and face our internal struggles (we all have them). Then we release. We heal. We find strength.
Samantha's classes are thoughtful and playful – striving to explore, awaken and transform.