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A B O U T  T A R Y N


Taryn Toomey has always felt a deep connection to movement. From an early age, she remembers feeling the powerful relationship between the physical body and the emotional self. 

After years of “running to yoga” while working in the fashion industry for Ralph Lauren and Dior, Taryn left the corporate world to pursue a yoga teacher training. She taught yoga for many years in New York and Boston while frequently visiting her mentor, named Mama Kia, in Peru. But even though she found great comfort in teaching and practicing yoga, there was something missing that left her longing for a greater sense of fulfillment. The lingering patterns and frustration of feeling "stuck" reminded her of a difficult past. As time passed, she felt a growing need to move the emotional residue that had accumulated throughout her youth and the new energy that had come with motherhood. She began to use her body in a way that channeled intensity not only to strengthen, but soothe as well. And thus, The Class was born.

The Class—a cathartic movement practice intended to stimulate peace through strength—is the manifestation of Taryn’s changes, challenges and passions. The method has spread organically yet quickly. In less than three years, it has garnered recognition from Vogue, Well+Good, The TODAY Show, The Wall Street Journal and more. Taryn spoke at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has taught The Class at the TEDx Conference, Wanderlust Festival, Fitness Fashion and Food (FFF) Series and DAYBREAKER. 

The Class currently hosts sessions every day of the week in New York City and will open its first flagship studio in Tribeca later this year. The Class also established a pop-up presence in Los Angeles in March 2016 and will begin digital streaming to satisfy national demand—and reach kindred spirits all over the world—in the fall of 2016. 

Taryn’s wellness offerings have expanded far beyond the studio. She created The Layer, a seasonal cleanse program centered on anti-inflammatory eating and ayurvedic practices with guidance from nutrition experts Mikaela Reuben and Dana James. She also created The Retreatment, a series of annual destination programs that provide a temporary escape from the stresses of everyday life and lasting release for the physical and spiritual body.

Taryn recently launched The Airelume, a collection of fine jewelry, handmade in NYC, that includes rings, pendants and earrings. By living in them and sweating in them, the wearer transfers her essence into the potent stones. With heritage and lineage in mind, these special pieces are intended to collect energy and be passed down to loved ones. 

Outside of her passion for movement, community and wellness, Taryn loves hosting potlucks with girlfriends, going to concerts and, most of all, spending time with her beautiful daughters, Scarlet and Finley.


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