TEACHING STYLE: Athletic. Empowering. Understanding.

ON ROTATION:  Drake, Chance the Rapper, Rihanna

INSPIRED BY: All the amazing people in my life -- my mother, my students, all the wonderful TT teachers and staff, my colleagues at THINX and Icon.  Everyone brings something different to my life, and I am ever changing, growing and evolving because of them. 

SIGN: Always looking for one -- JK --- Taurus

FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE: With Taryn Toomey at Downtown dance factory.  It actually took me two years to sign up for a Class because I didn't understand what it was -- was it yoga, was it HIIT?  And what it was, was totally transformative.  A year later I emailed Jaycee about becoming a teacher. 

FAVORITE MOVE: Burpee, duh