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Dominican Republic
March 3 - 9



We highly suggest that you book your flights immediately.
If you are coming from NYC, the recommended flight is below:

March 3 (updated as of November 20th):
JetBlue Flight 627 from JFK departing at 11:51am,
arriving at POP (Puerto Plata) at 4:30pm.

March 9:
JetBlue Flight 1528 from POP (Puerto Plata) departing at 5:30pm, arriving at JFK at 8:19pm.

The drive to and from the airport is roughly 90 minutes. If you are coming from elsewhere, please take note of the suggested arrival and departure times so that you can join our Group Shuttle.

To the resort: Our pre-arranged shuttle will depart POP at 1:30pm and 4:50pm (time added to incorporate new flight time) on 3/3.
To the airport: Our pre-arranged shuttle will depart the Beach Club
at 10:45am and 2:30pm (time added to incorporate new flight time) on 3/9.

If you cannot take a flight that arrives within that hour, we must ask you to make your own way to the Beach Club (email us at and we can connect you with the Beach Club who will happily arrange for your transportation).

Please input your arrival and departure information once booked using the button below to confirm or release your spot on our complimentary group shuttle.


When you arrive at POP, you’ll first move through Customs. Please bring $20 USD on your person as you’ll need it to get through Customs and enter the country. Just outside Customs, you’ll see the arrival area where taxis will be waiting. Our drivers will be wearing white t-shirts that say: Taxi Rio San Juan and their sign will read: “Playa Grande Beach Club, THE CLASS.” We’ll be waiting for you at the resort.

Programming begins on Sunday, March 3rd at 6pm.
Programming ends on Saturday, March 9th at 2:30pm.


  • Passport

  • Yoga Mats will be provided

  • Fitness / Yoga clothes

  • Sneakers (we suggest you take Class in shoes)

  • Casual attire

  • A light layer for the breezy evenings

  • Swim Suit

  • Sunscreen and Bugspray (can be purchased at the gift shop)

  • Cash is only needed for Customs at the POP airport ($20 USD)

  • Altar Offering : a token of something you’d like to create more of, honor, or let go of




Sunday, March 3rd
3pm : Arrival and Check In
6pm : The Class Relieve + Opening Circle 
7pm : Dinner

Monday, March 4th
7:30am : Light Breakfast, Coffee & Tea
8:30am : Meditation with Kevin Courtney into
The Class led by Taryn
10:30am : Brunch + Free Time
1pm : Optional Hike
4:30pm - 6pm : Gentle Yoga with Kevin Courtney
7pm : Dinner

Tuesday, March 5th
7:30am : Light Breakfast, Coffee & Tea
8:30am : Meditation into The Class
10:45am : Brunch + Free Time
1pm : Optional Afternoon Add On : Horseback Riding
4:30pm - 6pm : Gentle Yoga
7pm : Dinner

Wednesday, March 6th
7:30am : Light Breakfast, Coffee & Tea
8:30am : Meditation into The Class
11am : Brunch + Free Time
1pm : Optional Hike
4:30pm - 6pm : Gentle Yoga
7pm : Dinner

Thursday, March 7th
7:30am : Light Breakfast, Coffee & Tea
8:30am : Meditation into The Class
11am : Brunch + Free Time
1pm : Optional Afternoon Add On : Surf Lessons
4:30pm - 6pm : Gentle Yoga
7pm : Dinner

Friday, March 8th
7:30am : Light Breakfast, Coffee & Tea
8:30am : Meditation into The Class
12pm : Brunch + Free Time
3pm : Gentle Yoga
4:30pm : Boat Ride
7pm : Dinner
(we suggest packing tonight so tomorrow’s travel day is as easy as possible) 

Saturday, March 9th
8:30am : Light Breakfast, Coffee & Tea
9am : Light Movement + Closing Circle
12:30pm : Brunch
2:30pm : Departure

**Please note that our Afternoon Activities will be an additional charge through Playa Grande Beach Club.
Sign ups are available upon arrival.


During The Retreatment, we invite you to bring an object that holds meaning for you.  We will create a space at the front of our practice room for you to place this object. It could be a photo. A piece of art. Jewelry. A letter. Anything. We suggest that you think about this ahead of time.  Begin the process of what it is that you are stepping into this week with what you want to work with, and place it on the altar.


All our meals will be gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, farm-to-table and most importantly delicious.

Please email if you have any further dietary allergies or restrictions.


Lastly, if you have not done so already, please sign your e-waiver.
It must to be completed in order to participate in The Retreatment.



Will alcohol be served?
There will be alcohol available through your room tab at Playa Grande Beach Club. Please provide a credit card
upon arrival for your tab to be settled when you depart. Alcohol is not included in The Retreatment total.

Will massage appointments be available?
Yes, massage appointments will be booked on site upon arrival.

Are yoga mats provided?
Yes, yoga mats are provided.

Are hair dryers provided?
Yes, hair dryers are available in each bathroom.

Are beach towels provided?
Yes, beach towels are provided from Playa Grande.

Is laundry service available?
Laundry service is provided through Playa Grande Beach Club at $10 USD per load.

Are the afternoon activities required?
Everything during The Retreatment is optional. We highly encourage you to join us for Meditation, The Class, and Gentle Yoga.
This week is about taking care of YOU. Please do what feels best and right for your body and spirit. 

Where can I find our group shuttle at the airport?
Our team from Playa Grande will be there to greet you upon arrival with a sign reading “The Retreatment by Taryn Toomey”. Please find the team’s contact numbers below, should you need them while traveling.


Preparation Contact :
Courtney Crowley (602) 363 - 6226 /

On Site and Travel Contacts :
Playa Grande Beach Club: (809) 589 - 2070
Natalie Kuhn (917) 860 - 3335 / 

Questions? Email