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May 15 - May 19, 2019



For somewhere so secluded, Mustique is surprisingly easy to get to. Direct flights to St. Lucia are frequent on airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airways, Delta, Air Canada and Caribbean Airways. The Mustique Company has regular scheduled charters to Mustique from St. Lucia to connect with international flight schedules. Just 30 minutes from St. Lucia, the comfortable 18 seater Twin Otter aircraft provides guests with stunning views of the Grenadine archipelago.

As part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a valid passport and travel documents must be shown upon arrival to clear Customs and Immigration. Visas are not required unless traveling from Dominican Republic, China, and some countries within the Middle East and Africa. If you are unsure, please check with your local Travel Advisor before you travel. Please make sure your passport and travel documents are up to date. We highly suggest you use our trusted travel agent Jerry Mocerino (jerry.mocerino@protravelinc.com) to book your travel.

Connection to Mustique

**Please email theretreatment@taryntoomey.com BEFORE booking international travel, to inquire about available charter times to and from St. Lucia and Mustique.

Do not contact The Mustique Company or Cotton House directly, as we will be happy to book your connecting flight to the island.
Please note that Mustique Company charter flights have limited space. Prices will go up as seats continue to fill.
Note the checked baggage allowance for the Mustique charter: One (1) bag per seated passenger: not to exceed 44lbs. One (1) carry on item per passenger is allowed not to exceed 13lbs & must be able to fit under seat. Excess luggage over the maximun weight 44lbs will be charged EC$130.00 per piece & will be accommodated on space availability ONLY. Clients with luggage in excess of these restrictions will be expected to remove excess weight or arrange alternative freight via courier services.


You’ll be greeted at the island’s airport by The Cotton House team with a sign reading “The Retreatment.” We’ll be waiting for you at the resort.

Programming begins on Wednesday, May 15th at 5:30pm.
Programming ends on Sunday, May 19th at 10am.


  • Passport

  • Yoga Mats will be provided

  • Fitness / Yoga clothes

  • Sneakers for Class

  • Casual attire

  • A light layer for the breezy evenings

  • Swim Suit

  • Sunscreen

  • Altar Offering : a token of something you’d like to create more of, honor, or let go of

  • Cash for tips




Wednesday, May 15th
2pm - 4:30pm : Arrival and Check In
5:30pm : The Class by Taryn Toomey + Opening Circle 
7pm : Dinner

Thursday, May 16th
7am : Light Breakfast, Coffee, & Tea
8:30am : Meditation with Kevin Courtney into The Class
by Taryn Toomey led by Taryn
11:30am : Brunch
1pm - 4:30pm : Free Time
2pm - 3pm : Optional Afternoon Activity : Guided Hike
3pm : Afternoon Snack
4:30pm - 6pm : Restorative Movement with Kevin
7pm : Dinner

Friday, May 17th
7am : Light Breakfast, Coffee, & Tea
8:30am : Meditation with Kevin into The Class with Taryn
11:30am : Brunch
1pm - 4:30pm : Free Time
2pm - 3pm : Optional Afternoon Activity : Snorkeling
3pm : Afternoon Snack
4:30pm - 6pm : Restorative Movement with Kevin
7pm : Dinner

Saturday, May 18th
7am : Light Breakfast, Coffee, & Tea
8:30am : Meditation with Kevin Courtney into The Class
by Taryn Toomey led by Taryn
11:30am - 1pm : Lunch at Lagoon Beach
1pm - 4pm : Free Time
2-3pm : Optional Afternoon Activity : Paddleboarding
3pm : Afternoon Snack
4pm - 5:30pm : Restorative Movement with Kevin
5:30pm : Closing Circle
7pm : Dinner
(we suggest packing tonight so tomorrow’s travel day is as easy as possible) 

Sunday, May 19th
7am : Coffee & Tea
7:30am - 8:15am : The Class led by Taryn
8:15am : Brunch (to go boxes available for those traveling immediately after)
8:45am : Departures Begin

**Itinerary subject to change.


Should you wish to get around the island for the weekend, there are mules at check in based on availability.
Guests may rent your own mule (a 4 seater) for $102 USD.

If you would like to reserve one prior to arrival, please email theretreatment@taryntoomey.com with your drivers license information.


During The Retreatment, we invite you to bring an object that holds meaning for you.  We will create a space at the front of our practice room for you to place this object. It could be a photo. A piece of art. Jewelry. A letter. Anything. We suggest that you think about this ahead of time.  Begin the process of what it is that you are stepping into this week with what you want to work with, and place it on the altar.


All our meals will be gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, farm-to-table and most importantly delicious.

Please email theretreatment@taryntoomey.com if you have any further dietary allergies or restrictions.


Lastly, if you have not done so already, please sign your e-waiver.
It must to be completed in order to participate in The Retreatment.



Will alcohol be served?
There will be alcohol available through your room tab at The Cotton House. Please provide a credit card upon arrival for your tab to be settled when you depart. Alcohol is not included in The Retreatment total.

Will massages be available?
Yes, massages will be available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 11:30am - 3:30pm based on availability. You may register upon arrival at the front desk. Each massage is 50 minutes for $125USD.

Is laundry available on premise?
Yes laundry service at The Cotton House, however, dry cleaning must be organized 24 hours in advance as it must travel to St. Vincent.

Are beach towels provided?
Yes, beach towels will be available in each bedroom. The beachboy will also have additional towels for use down at the beach.

Are yoga mats provided?
Yes, yoga mats are provided.

Are hair dryers provided?
Yes, there are hair dryers in each room.

Are the afternoon activities required?
Everything during The Retreatment is optional. We highly encourage you to join us for Meditation, The Class, and Gentle Yoga.
This week is about taking care of YOU. Please do what feels best and right for your body and spirit. The afternoon activities are complimentary and you may register at the front desk upon arrival.

Where can I find our group shuttle at the airport?
Our team from The Cotton House will be there to greet you upon arrival with a sign reading “The Retreatment by Taryn Toomey”. Please find the team’s contact numbers below, should you need them while traveling.


Preparation Contact :
Courtney Crowley (602) 363 - 6226 / ccrowley@taryntoomey.com

On Site and Travel Contacts :
The Cotton House: +1 (784) 456 - 4777
Natalie Kuhn (917) 860 - 3335 / natalie@taryntoomey.com 

Questions? Email theretreatment@taryntoomey.com