TEACHING STYLE: Powerful. Supportive. Energetic.

ON ROTATION: Currently Alabama Shakes and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

INSPIRED BY: Music, dance, live performances of any sort, traveling to all the places and seeing all the things, museums, photography, Michelle & Barack Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Justin Timberlake because what can't he do?



FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE: Natalie Kuhn. BOOM! My friend took me to a fitness event in NYC on the Refinery Rooftop which was where I first experienced the magic of TCTT.  It was loud and there were things happening all around us with plenty of room for distraction but I was completely transported into my own experience under Nat's guidance.  I laughed, I cried, I felt pure joy and was truly dropped into my own internal experience while also being completely energized by her and the people surrounding me. It was powerful.

SIGN: Pisces

A RECURRING THOUGHT: Live in the moment, be present with people.

NY NEIGHBORHOOD: UES but will be moving to BK in the Fall

A NONNEGOTIABLE: Popcorn at the movies

FAVORITE PODCAST: Mindbodygreen, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and How I Built This