What do I need to bring? 

We provide mats for all classes. Please bring *shoes, water and a towel. There is a water fountain outside of each studio and most of our locations sell bottled water.

*Shoes are not mandatory, but we recommend that you wear them for your first class. Shoes can be helpful when managing a sweaty mat. 


What should I wear? 

We suggest wearing fitted exercise clothing that will help you move and breathe comfortably. You will break a sweat! Most first timers opt for a tank top, breathable leggings, and sneakers. 


How far in advance can I sign up?

Class registration opens one week prior to the day, the evening before at midnight. (for ex: if you are looking to book class for the 7th of the month, the sign up opens at 12:01am on the 1st.)


Do you offer a monthly membership?

The Class offers a pay-per-class system, so you can purchase single classes or buy a package of classes to receive a price discount. 

Click here to see our class pricing. 


What is your waitlist policy?

When classes are completely full, you can reserve a place on the waitlist. You have to purchase a class credit before you can put yourself on the waitlist, BUT if you don't get a spot, that credit will be returned to your account for future use. If mats open up, we confirm waitlisted clients in the order of their online sign-up. When that happens, you will receive an email confirmation stating that you have a reserved place in The Class. Please note that if you unchecked the box that says "subscribe to email notifications" when you created your MINDBODY account, you will NOT receive an email notification when added into class. 

Please remember that joining the waitlist is a commitment to class. If you receive an email notification when added but then choose not to attend, that will be considered a "No Show." We encourage all students to take themselves off the waitlist if they know they will not be able to attend class.

We also encourage waitlisted clients to come to the studio (especially at Bandier Studio B) in case there are no-shows or late cancellations. If there are empty mats 3 MINUTES before the start of class, we will release those mats to standby clients in the order of the waitlist. If you are confirmed for class but running late, please call the studio to let us know and we will hold your place.


Will I be penalized for canceling my reservation?

If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of class, it is considered a "Late Cancel" and you will be charged for the class. If you cancel before that 24 hour period, you will not be charged and that credit will be returned to your account for future use.


Should I arrive early?

Yes, we suggest arriving at least 10 minutes early to check in so we can help you get settled on your mat.

When The Class begins, open mats may be filled by a standby students. If you are signed up to class but arrive late, you run the risk of losing your spot to someone from the waitlist and will be charged as a "Late Cancel." 

With safety and the group experience in mind, students are not permitted to enter class 10 minutes after the start time. 


Do my Classes expire?

All Classes and Class packages expire 12 months from purchase.


Do you have gift cards?

Give the gift of a deep sweat, mental clarity, community, and transformation. 

You can purchase a gift card in-studio, by phone, or online. Click here to purchase a gift card online. 

To redeem a gift card, you can either enter your Gift Card Number online at checkout, or redeem via phone or in-studio.


Do I need to be in shape?

The Class is a vigorous workout, but people at all fitness levels are welcome to participate. Our instructors cue students to listen to their bodies and work at their own pace. All classes are open level, and with every class you will realize that you are much stronger than you thought.


Can I do The Class if I am pregnant?

We have had women in all stages of pregnancy take The Class. If you have approval from your doctor to participate, please arrive a few minutes early to talk to your instructor about any necessary modifications.

We also offer The Class Prenatal specifically for women that are expecting to prepare the body and mind for childbirth. This class allows you to exert safely while flushing the system of heaviness and tension. Low-impact cardio, pelvic floor exercises and deep breath work are woven into the traditional framework of The Class. Please email for more information and scheduling.


Does the studio have showers?

Unfortunately, our studios do not have showers.