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THE AIRELUME by Taryn Toomey

"These one-of-a-kind pieces are full of intention. Each stone has a different meaning - protection, clarity, love and more. When given to someone or to yourself, you’re also sharing that sacred gift." xTT

The Airelume is a collection of handcrafted fine jewelry made of energetically meaningful gemstones. Taryn’s elegant designs act as a wearable talisman of love and protection and as a reminder of the owner’s infinite truth. 

Also available for purchase at our Tribeca Studio.





MZ WALLACE Metro Tote in TCTT Rose Quartz

"This lightweight bag is one of the most versatile I have found. It's the perfect everyday bag for a traveling mother, teacher, student..." xTT

This limited edition Metro Tote -- a collaboration between MZ Wallace and The Class by Taryn Toomey -- was crafted in Rose Quartz nylon with a mindful reminder on the inside pocket. 

Available for purchase at our Tribeca Studio.


The #TarynLoves Bundle

"Place your rose quartz crystal roller in the fridge. Create an intention for some time with yourself. Light the sage. Soak. Relax. Rinse. Apply the serum using your chilled roller. Repeat as needed until you feel the love. xTT"

Taryn has curated a special selection of items from our Retail Shop for your Valentine's Day:

  • Pursoma 'After The Class' Bath
  • by Taryn Toomey Sage & Palo Santo Bundle
  • Joanna Vargas Rejuvinating Serum
  • by Taryn Toomey Rose Quartz Roller

Also available for purchase at our Tribeca Studio.








"The perfect gift of beauty and elegance that lasts an entire YEAR." xTT

We recommend the Small Square Box (7″×7″×5″) in White Classic with 16 blush roses. These gorgeous boxes ship nationwide to over 50 countries.


REAL LOVE: The Art of Mindful Connection

This is the latest book from world-renowned meditation teacher and New York Times bestselling author, Sharon Salzberg. It is a timely, creative tool kit of mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques that encourage us to strip away layers of negative habits and obstacles, helping us to experience authentic love based on direct experience, rather than preconceptions.


THE RETREATMENT : Dominican Republic

February 25 - March 3, 2018
led by
Taryn Toomey & Jaycee Gossett

Join us at the beautiful, luxurious Playa Grande Beach Club for The Retreatment DR. Each day includes a fiery 2-hr morning Class, a restorative afternoon yoga session, nourishing healthy food and wonderful company.

This experience was created based on the need to continue processing the work done in Class without having to run to the next thing. Here, there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to take care of... but you.