We are on a quest, individually and collectively, to create wholeness within ourselves and within all of our life, to find it within ourselves and to release it - a process of communion and education. What is created will not be separation… but wholeness, oneness, peace and a new earth for humankind that reflects the oneness and wholeness of the earth that has always been.
— David Spangler

A B O U T  L E S L I E 


A ray of light, Leslie is an artist and illustrator, budding herbalist, an advocate for environmental sustainability, and teacher living in Brooklyn. As a Colorodo native growing up near the Rockies, she has a deep union with the natural world. Leslie works to reinstate a more symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, envisioning a future where mankind is able to benefit from the natural gifts of earth and in turn have greater responsibility for its care. Her work as a teacher of The Class by Taryn Toomey affirms the significant role that individual wellness plays in this exchange.

Spending years feeling ungrounded and struggling with anxiety and fear, Leslie began to seek aid through the practice of meditation, kundalini yoga, and writing. For the first time, rather than seeking a quick fix or external answers, she began to experience an energetic shift. The marriage of movement and consciousness enabled her to reintegrate her mind and body and experience true emotional healing.

After being referred to The Class by Taryn Toomey by a friend, Leslie felt utterly captivated by the immediate transformative experience she felt and followed a very loud, internal calling to teach the practice. This adventure called her to redefine her relationship with herself, embrace fear, and push through self-perceived limitation.

Down to earth and energizing, Leslie’s Classes call one back to their fundamental, energetic body to investigate deep-seated patterns in the psyche through a powerful and inclusive atmosphere. As an artist, she embraces self-expression through art and movement and believes there is powerful catharsis in creativity.

Sounds : Moby, Michael Jackson, Van Morrison, Enigma, New Order, Blood Orange, Radiohead, Annie Lennox, LCD Soundsystem, Beach House, Arcade Fire