Martha’s Vineyard
July 14 - 20
Taryn Toomey & Kevin Courtney


DATES : July 14th - 20th, 2019

LOCATION :  Vineyard Arts Project

LED BY : Taryn Toomey & Kevin Courtney


  • 6 nights of beautiful lodging in the heart of Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

  • Morning meditation with Kevin Courtney

  • 2 hour long classes of The Class by Taryn Toomey daily with Taryn

  • Restorative gentle yoga every afternoon with Kevin Courtney

  • All meals which are farm to table, and free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar

  • Group Transportation to and from the MVY airport


  • Airfare

  • Alcohol

  • Any expenses you might incur during your free time

  • Thomas Droge acupuncture



The Retreatment : Martha’s Vineyard


One Spot Remaining!

Email to inquire.



Taryn Toomey

Motivated by the deep release the mind receives from pushing the body to its limit, Taryn Toomey applies her in-depth understanding of proper body alignment and physical training to a new fitness approach that changes the body and clears the mind.

Throughout her fast-paced workouts, Taryn teaches students to focus on the sensations in the body: address the feeling, breathe deeply, allowing the change to happen and actively calm the mind’s response to intensity. In addition to building physical strength, this approach transforms one’s overall inner conversation. Students build their mind-body connection and find strength they did not think possible.

Taryn draws inspiration from the energy her students create. She has been leading group exercise classes since she was 18, fusing her passion for movement and music along with her ability to motivate students to push past self doubt and achieve strength.

A devoted yoga student, Taryn trained at Yoga Union and taught classes for almost a decade in New York and Boston. After a career at Ralph Lauren and having two children, she craved a new, challenging, and intense workout and created The Class.


Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney has dedicated the last two decades to the pursuit of awakening consciousness by focusing on strength, energy cultivation, and mental clarity. He is co-creator of The Bridge Practice, a method which merges Yoga and Qi Gong into one powerful class experience. His work as been featured in Well+Good, Vogue Magazine, VICE, Elephant Journal, and most recently in the new book “Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories, Real Transformation.”

Kevin is on the faculty at the Boston Yoga School, where he teaches philosophy through the art of Raja yoga. He facilitates annually at Bonnaroo Music Festival and offers at Wanderlust, Envision, and Burning Man Arts Festival.

Merging his passion for music and yoga, Kevin is the creator of “Nada Sadhana,” a music project whose debut album, “The Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1” become one of the most listened to albums in yoga studios across the country. In 2013 he founded INSIGHT - a program which awakens the consciousness of business leaders using the art and science of meditation.



This summer, Thomas Droge will be offering The Session™ designed specifically for The Retreatment by Taryn Toomey. In addition, Thomas will be with us during the entirety of The Retreatment, supporting our process and holding space for our work.

"From arrival to exit, The Retreatment is transformation. This retreat is all about change, shift, let go, integrate, begin again. You step onto the island with the world still behind you, your intent beginning to form, entering a space of powerful wise women and men and you begin.  Along the journey you're understanding changes, your relationship to the stories you came with begins to let go, your body finds its STRENGTH your mind finds its CLARITY and your heart OPENS.

I created The Session specifically for The Retreatment as a catalyst for energetic healing, reflection, and support of your individual journey. Whether it is the mantra offered for you, alignment through acupuncture, qi healing, or alignment of spirit, these sessions bring another layer of understanding to the shift.

The Session is designed to reveal your personal map, to find your way to clarity, peace, and the joy of "moving from the heart".  Drawing from ancient Daoist healing practices, we clear obstruction, unlock the energetic gates and discover the frequency of change.

In these 60-minute sessions, I draw as needed from the sources of:
Centering : Coming into awareness and creating a personal language of the change you are experiencing.
Acupuncture : Attuning the body mind and spirit to its new higher frequency.
Energetic Attunement : Up-regulating your body and spirit to an Energy Rich state.
Mantra Practice : A single word that will bring you back into resonance.

The Session brings you into an awareness of who you truly are. The mantra, the qi healing and the understanding you come away with, are
like a whisper that you can follow back and rediscover long after you have left The Retreatment."

-- Thomas


The Vineyard Arts Project is an idyllic setting for a summer retreat, as well as an incubator for the creation of new work in dance and theatre. Built in 2004 in Edgartown, one of the most historic and beloved towns on Martha’s Vineyard, it is steps from town and a quick bike ride from the beach. Take a five-minute walk for shopping, art galleries, or dinner on the harbor. Rent a bike across the street to explore what the island has to offer.

Rooms vary from single to triple occupancy, all with private baths. 


Morning meditation followed by 2 hours of The Class by Taryn Toomey.

Beautiful brunches served outside, featuring delicious, freshly prepared produce from local farms on the vineyard.

Free time: massage & body work, bike riding, exploring the quaint downtown Edgartown, sun filled beach trips, and acupuncture with Thomas Droge.

Afternoon workshops.

Beach excursion on one of Martha’s Vineyard’s finest shores.

Late afternoon gentle yoga class with Kevin Courtney to cool the fire cultivated in the morning session.

Breezy dinner served outside at sunset, featuring more of the island’s best and freshest produce.

Relax, read, take a bath, rest.


The retreat menu has been carefully designed by Chef Jan Buhrman of Kitchen Porch in Martha’s Vineyard to be gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. Meals will be served family-style outdoors in our beautiful garden with a selection of fresh salads, vegetable dishes, and grains. Locally-caught seafood and humanely raised meat and poultry raised just minutes away on the island¹s notable farms and sustainable fisheries are used to complete our communal brunches and dinners.

Of course, if you have any dietary restrictions, just let us know when you book and we¹ll surely accommodate.


The Main House : SOLD OUT

Single Occupancy: Queen Bed : SOLD OUT
Double Occupancy: Two Twin Beds : SOLD OUT
Triple Occupancy: One Queen Bed : SOLD OUT
& Two Twin Beds : SOLD OUT
Triple Occupancy: Three Twin Beds : SOLD OUT

The Curtis Lane House

Double Occupancy: Two Twin Beds : One Spot Remaining!

To inquire about remaining rooms and pricing, please email


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