Laura's Summer Drive Playlist


"My favorite thing to do in the summer is driving with the windows down and loud music playing. Here are some of my favorite songs for those summer road trips, wherever they may take you. Enjoy!"



Raj's Ultimate Road Trip Playlist


"Setting out on your adventure calls for a trusty side kick of both classic + new-age ballads. This soundtrack is meaningful well beyond your summer beach expeditions, a way to carry the sweet memories of summer into the fall, winter, spring + to the return of summer again. Designed to get you to sing your little heart out, play it solo or with your favorite pals!"



CJ's Summer of Everything Playlist


"This is my playlist for it ALL —  roadtrips to Montauk, barbecues with friends, boating adventures in Italy, Citibike rides in the City or quiet moments in the air conditioning. This summer playlist has a little bit of everything to carry you to Labor Day and beyond."



Taryn's Summer Soirée Playlist

_MGM7694-Edit (1).jpg

Music is my co-pilot—in The Class and in life. I crank it up to shift any mood. There’s a vibration within music for us when we need a little help. Use it, but pick your songs wisely.

Songs have the power to amplify whatever you’re feeling: joy, sadness, spirit, impulsiveness, melancholy, loneliness. This playlist was designed to lighten the mood and create the "feel-good feels." Perfect for a summer soirée.