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May 8th - 12th, 2018


DATES : May 8th - 12th, 2018

LOCATION :  Yemanja Villa, Mustique

LED BY : Taryn Toomey


  • 4 nights at our luxury villa on the private island of Mustique

  • Morning meditation

  • 2 hour long classes of The Class by Taryn Toomey daily

  • Restorative gentle yoga every afternoon

  • Stunning vista hike led by Mustique naturalist

  • Sunset snorkeling boat excursion

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily

  • Group transportation to & from Mustique's Airport

NOT INCLUDED :  airfare / alcohol;  any travel expenses or meals that you might purchase during your free time

THE HOST : Taryn Toomey

Motivated by the deep release the mind receives from pushing the body to its limit, Taryn Toomey applies her in-depth understanding of proper body alignment and physical training to a new fitness approach that changes the body and clears the mind.

Throughout her fast-paced workouts, Taryn teaches students to focus on the sensations in the body: address the feeling, breathe deeply, allowing the change to happen and actively calm the mind’s response to intensity. In addition to building physical strength, this approach transforms one’s overall inner conversation. Students build their mind-body connection and find strength they did not think possible.

Taryn draws inspiration from the energy her students create. She has been leading group exercise classes since she was 18, fusing her passion for movement and music along with her ability to motivate students to push past self doubt and achieve strength.

A devoted yoga student, Taryn trained at Yoga Union and taught classes for almost a decade in New York and Boston. After a career at Ralph Lauren and having two children, she craved a new, challenging, and intense workout and created The Class.

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Mustique, a private island steeped in history and surrounded by intrigue, lies in the stream of stands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines just a hundred miles west of Barbados. There are no rules on Mustique; no protocols or expectations. Guests can simply do as they wish. The same goes for The Retreatment on Mustique.

Blending sophisticated luxury with the exquisite beauty of nature in one small package that is an exclusive island, Mustique is indeed a place of mystique. From the turquoise sea to the pristine powder-white sand and all the way to the well appointed villas, everything exudes relaxation, calm and beauty.

The Retreatment will be held at Yemanja, one of Mustique’s most sought after and largest villas. A sophisticated residence with multiple levels and secluded hide-aways, located 300 ft. above the sea on seven acres of mature gardens, Yemanjá (Goddess of the sea to Brazilians) offers a serene paradise as ideal for relaxation as it is for the work of transformation.


The Retreatment will take place at Yemanja, a breathtaking and secluded villa perched high on the hill overlooking Macaroni Beach. This luxurious and sophisticated villa boasts 5-star service and is nestled amidst 7 acres of mature gardens, swaying palms and fragrant frangipani trees with a long main pool that over looks the island. The villa is comprised of The Main House, The Guest House and The Cottages. All are open and airy, designed to take advantage of the prevailing winds and light in typical Mustique fashion.

The Main House : 5-bedrooms
4 Rooms with King Beds
1 Room with Two Twin Beds

The Guest House : 3-bedrooms
2 Rooms with King Beds
1 Room with Two Twin Beds

The Cottages : 5-bedrooms
5 Rooms with Two Twin Beds


Wake up to a cup of coffee and a light breakfast overlooking the dramatic vista of Mustique Island.

Morning meditation will be followed by 2 hours of The Class by Taryn Toomey led by Taryn.

A beautiful family-style brunch will be served by Yemanja’s finest chefs who focus on local ingredients.

In the free afternoon hours, you can take a dip in the pool, lay out on the beach, surf the pristine waters, go on a guided hike, or simply relax and take a nap.

In the late afternoon, join us for a cooling restorative yoga class in the palapa overlooking the island.

Dinner will feature healthy Caribbean cuisine in the main clubhouse, where everyone will congregate for sunset cocktails and a long lazy family-style meal.

In the evening, gather around a bonfire, enjoy a late night read in a hammock, or retreat to your bedroom.


The retreat menu has been carefully co-designed by the Yemanja chefs and Taryn to highlight the island’s freshest produce and Caribbean flavors. Ingredients will be locally sourced at the nearby markets.

All meals will be gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. Brunches and dinners will be a selection of beautiful salads, vegetable dishes, grains, and an abundance of locally caught fish from the area.

Of course, if you have any dietary restrictions, let us know when you book and we can absolutely accommodate.


For somewhere so secluded, Mustique is surprisingly easy to get to. Direct flights to St. Lucia and Barbados are frequent on airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airways, Delta, Air Canada and Caribbean Airways. The Mustique Company has regular scheduled charters to Mustique from St. Lucia and Barbados to connect with international flight schedules. Just 30 minutes from St. Lucia and 45 minutes from Barbados, the comfortable 18 seater Twin Otter aircraft provides guests with stunning views of the Grenadine archipelago. As part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a valid passport and travel documents must be shown upon arrival to clear Customs and Immigration. Visas are not required unless traveling from Dominican Republic, China, and some countries within the Middle East and Africa. If you are unsure please check with your local Travel Advisor before you travel. We highly suggest you use our trusted travel agent Jerry Mocerino ( to book your travel.

Suggested Flights
We highly suggest that you book your flight immediately after registration. If you are coming from NYC, we suggest the flights below.
If you are traveling from elsewhere, please take note of the suggested arrival and departure times to join the charter flight to and from UVF and Mustique Island.

Tuesday, May 8 : JetBlue Flight 881 from JFK departing at 7:57am, arriving at UVF (St. Lucia) at 12:31pm.
Saturday, May 12: JetBlue Flight 882 from UVF (St. Lucia) departing at 1:31pm, arriving at JFK at 6:24pm.

To book the scheduled charter flights to and from UVF and Mustique Island, please email Jerry Mocerino ( to book your travel.
Tuesday, May 8 : Mustique Company charter from UVF departing at 4pm, arriving at Mustique at 4:30pm.
Saturday, May 12: Mustique Company charter from Mustique departing at 11am, arriving at UVF at 11:30am.

This Retreatment is now sold out.


The Main House Bedrooms
Bedroom 1: King (Private) 6000
Bedroom 2: King (Private) 6000
Bedroom 3: King (Private) 6000
Bedroom 4: Two Twins (Shared Room) 4900 / person
Bedroom 5: King (Private) 6000

The Guest House Bedrooms
Bedroom 6: Two Twins (Shared Room) 4900 / person
Bedroom 7: King (Private) 6000
Bedroom 8: King (Shared) 4000 / person

The Cottage Bedrooms
Bedroom 9: Two Twins (Shared Room) 3900 / person
Bedroom 10: Two Twins (Shared Room) 3900 / person
Bedroom 11: Two Twins (Shared Room) 3900 / person
Bedroom 12: Two Twins (Shared Room) 3900 / person