N A T A L I E    K U H N

VP of Programming & Founding Teacher

TEACHING STYLE: Impassioned. Enlivening. Inviting.

ON ROTATION: CloZee, The National, Mumford & Sons, Sofi Tukker, Fleetwood Mac

INSPIRED BY: Goodness: good food, good laughs, good sweat, good people

FAVORITE MOVE: Jacks into Free Movement into Jacks


FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE: My first Class was with Taryn before there was a website or a company name! She held it on a friend's roofdeck and had us drop $20 in her daughter's trick or treat bag to send to Mama Kia's orphanage in Peru. I remember it so clearly: we were midway through class and just when the intensity of fire and jumping jacks came to a pinnacle, the skies opened up and a heavy summer rain cleansed us all.

SIGN: Aries

A RECURRING THOUGHT: "I have everything I need." & "Where can I get a cuppa tea?"

NY/LA NEIGHBORHOOD: Currently I love discovering the nooks and crannies of the West Village. In LA, I'm attached to any neighborhood that has an Erewhon.

A NONNEGOTIABLE: Kindness. PG Tips. The darkest dark chocolate.

FAVORITE PODCAST: Insights at the Edge