October 6th, 2018

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The One Day Retreatment is the full experience of The Retreatment
for those who do not have the ability to leave their responsibilities for too long a time.

Join us from morning till evening at a stunning villa in Malibu for a day of depth, light and inspiration.
We'll start with a light breakfast sponsored by Sakara and our Opening Circle ritual, meditation with Kevin Courtney,
The Class by Taryn Toomey led by Natalie Kuhn, a family style lunch brought to you
by Chef Alex Thomopoulos of Great White in Venice, optional additional afternoon activities
such as massages with LifeHood Wellness, facials with Heyday,
nutritional workshop with Chef Lynette from Superfood School
sponsored by Navitas, and finally, gentle yoga with Kevin.
We'll conclude with our Closing Circle with enough time
for guests to return home for dinner with their families. 


DATES : October 6th, 2018

LOCATION : Deer Creek Ridge, Malibu, CA

LED BY : Natalie Kuhn & Kevin Courtney


  • Day long programming 

  • Morning meditation led by Kevin Courtney

  • 2 hour long class of The Class by Taryn Toomey
    with Natalie Kuhn

  • Restorative gentle yoga led by Kevin Courtney

  • Breakfast and lunch prepared by Alex Thomopoulos, 
    Chef of Great White Venice

  • Snacks and refreshments provided by Sakara & Navitas

NOT INCLUDED :  travel expenses to or from the venue


The One Day Retreatment Malibu



Natalie Kuhn

Natalie grew up in a household that was steeped in philosophy and healing, with a Jungian analyst and a doctor among her immediate family. But her own first love was theater. This love led her from Los Angeles to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Her draw toward live performance — specifically physical theater methods like Suzuki, Viewpoints, Grotowski and committed impulse — was about affecting change on groups of people through movement and storytelling.

After college, Natalie quickly found herself touring the world as a dancer for David Byrne and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, performing everywhere from Radio City to the Sydney Opera House. The nightly ritual of connecting with people to create intensely joyous experiences would prove to be invaluable training for The Class.

Natalie came to the class at a pivotal moment in her life. she was seeking a more immediate connection with community, a desire to affect a deeper change than the often impersonal world of performance had allowed. More important, her synchronistic collision with Taryn happened to take place six months before a life-shattering loss in Natalie's family. Through her work in the class, she has been able to strengthen her own ability to move through trauma and, in turn, help others heal.

Natalie's classes are athletic, vigorous, empowering, and suffused with her natural effervescence. She brings her students face-to-face with their own personal challenges; together, they sweat, they dig deep, and they come out energized — discovering how strong they are, mentally and physically.


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Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney has dedicated the last two decades to the pursuit of awakening consciousness by focusing on awareness, energy cultivatation, strength, and mental clarity.   He continues his study through the mentorship and guidance of Nikki Costello, Rod Stryker and his daily personal practice.  

Internationally acclaimed as both a teacher and teacher trainer, Kevin has contributed his knowledge, energy, and passion to events like Bonnaroo, Wanderlust, Envision and the Burning Man Arts Festival.  His work has been featured in Well + Good, VOGUE, the New York Times, VICE and most recently in Francesco Mastalia’s photography book -  YOGA The Secret of Life.

In 2013, Kevin founded INSIGHT - a program which awakens the consciousness of business leaders using the art and science of meditation.  He offers workshops, classes and retreats worldwide and is a featured teacher on GAIA online.   To practice with Kevin online visit





Chef Alex Thomopoulos’ passion for food and laughter is infectious.   Her unique, flavor packed cooking style has led to growing success for her and her business, especially locally at Great White Venice.  Her goal is to have a positive impact and bring joy to those around her one meal at a time.






Enjoy 30 minute facials by Heyday, expert skincare with a human touch. Through customized facials, personalized routines, and honest advice and knowledge, our team of experts helps make skincare make sense and helps you put your best face forward. See more at





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Relax with a view with 30 minute massages from The LifeHood, a wellness revolution that turns kindness into action.  We are an experience for the mind, body and SOUL, offering luxurious massage, while championing the cycle of kindness.  We are what we do. Feel Good x Give Good.

  @superfoodschool  @livelynnette

@superfoodschool @livelynnette


Enjoy a hands on workshop with Chef Lynette, owner of Superfood School.  Known for her plant-based dishes and desserts, Lynette has used her lifelong interest in healthy food to overcome PCOS syndrome.  Through the power of plants, her symptoms have disappeared, her weight and skin are great and people find it very hard to believe she's “pushing 40.” She is dedicated to educating others on the benefits of a plant based diet through Superfood School and Live Lynnette and providing the community with delicious options for plant-based meal planning. Learn more at






Navitas Organics

Power the positive in your everyday.  There super-simple, super-nutritious superfoods give you the energy you need to live each day to the fullest.  Sponsoring Chef Lynette's Superfood School workshop. Learn more at










The Sakara Life organic meal delivery program is based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense, and delicious ingredients. Nutrient rich and chef crafted, this company uses ingredients you can trust. Learn more at





Dana James, MS, CDN, CNS, is a Columbia University educated, triple certified nutritionist and trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. She is the founder of Food Coach NYC and LA, a functional medicine nutrition practice that helps correct biochemical and psychological imbalances through nutrition intervention and psychological exploration.  She is also co-collaborator of The Layer, a 10 day cleanse program designed by Taryn Toomey.






Her dream is to live in a world free from the tyranny of diet dogma and self-doubt. That we live in a world where we instinctively know how to rebalance ourselves with food, nutrients, elixirs, mantras, movement, and scents. A world where food is nourishment, not punishment. A world where we trust ourselves, not shame ourselves. A world where we amplify beauty, love and magnetism. This is her dream for the modern woman. See more at


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We'll meet together for breakfast before settling in an Opening Circle. Our Retreatment ritual will lead us into meditation and 2 hours of The Class by Taryn Toomey. After a leisurely lunch, we'll have a few hours of free time in which you are more than welcome to take advantage of our Afternoon Activities. We'll cool the fires cultivated in the morning with 1.5 hours of gentle yoga with Kevin Courtney and close our time together with Closing Circle. 



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Atop one of Malibu's beautiful mountains sits Deer Creek Ridge, a villa with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean ahead and rolling hills on either side. This Spanish estate with Moorish influences will be our home for The One Day Retreatment.

The 39 acre property is completely secluded and tucked away from traffic and noise, yet it is only 1.7 miles up a beautiful road from Pacific Coast Highway. This unique location is often just above the clouds that can sometimes hang over the coast in the summer so there is a much better chance of perfect weather here.

We will practice The Class in the Great Room, dine together outside in the shade, spend the afternoon by the pool and come back to our mats to round the day out with Kevin Courtney's magic. 


Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack will be gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free. Lunch in particular will be prepared by Chef Alex Thomopoulos, famed for her healthy and delicious fare.  Of course, if you have any dietary restrictions, just let us know when you book and we can absolutely accommodate.


Cost : $750


All Classes : Meditation with Kevin Courtney, 2 hours of The Class by Taryn Toomey led by Natalie, and 1.5 hours of gentle yoga with Kevin
Meals: A healthy breakfast and family style lunch designed and prepared by Chef Alex Thomopoulos of Great White in Venice
as well as an array of afternoon healthy snacks (note: dinner will not be served)

Not Included:

Optional Afternoon Activities : You are more than welcome to add on to your experience a massage or treatment. Otherwise there are plenty of relaxing spaces including a beautiful pool to take advantage of in our 1 - 2 hour break from Classes and Meals.
Transportation : Transportation to and from Malibu will not be included.  Complimentary parking is available.