Photo : IsabelMarant.com

Photo : IsabelMarant.com

Taryn Toomey’s Uplifting Boots

The creator of exercise empire The Class on the $680 Isabel Marant suede boots that dress up her everyday leotard.

The Piece: Even though they’re suede and something that you would wear for the colder seasons, I wore them all summer, because they have a hidden heel. I’m still wearing them every day and I bought a second pair.

Why It’s Endured: I’m often going from the studio to the street, so for me to be able to throw a boot on that has a little bit of a lift in it is key so I don’t look like I just left the gym. I always put some sort of footwear on that’s not sneakers. It just makes you feel a little bit more elegant.

Estimated Cost Per Wear: $.65 per wear if worn twice a week for 10 years.

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