Erin Ward started loving the feeling of being inside her body when she stepped on the basketball court at age 6. With the WNBA in mind, as a child and young adult Erin invested all of her time in two things: school and sports. It was in college, having traded basketball in for yoga, that Erin discovered her love of philosophy. As a writing major and philosophy minor, she became intrigued by the relationship we have with our body, our mind, and our hearts. After graduating from NYU, Erin traded in her Phi Beta Kappa honors for a Yoga Teaching Certification and starting teaching yoga throughout NYC. She is a 750 HR certified yoga instructor, a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and an Ecstatic Breathwork Facilitator.

Erin moved to LA with a yoga studio and was fortunate enough to meet Natalie Kuhn, where she worked one on one in a uniquely grass roots training capacity, and started formally teaching The Class in October 2016. Erin is ignited by the mission of fusing yogic wisdom with the modern medicine of The Class. She believes that The Class can drop us off in communion with our highest selves, and from that place we can serve each other well.

Erin's classes are spirit provoking, athletic, energizing, and leave you in a place of ease, calm and connected to your joy.