Karly Treacy is a holistic body technician and mama of three who has used movement as a form of therapy since as young as she can remember. To release the accumulation of adrenaline in her unpredictable childhood home, she ran far and fast! She credits running for the clarity and strength it gave her then to make empowering choices.

Throughout her years, Karly has continued to study movement as a means of strengthening and healing. With thousands of hours of certifications in Yoga, Pilates and Barre, and an equal amount of time spent in talk therapy, she found herself still seeking. Seeking human connection, intimacy, freedom from the oppression of past experiences and the ability to not disembody. Thus, the arrival of The Class in Los Angeles felt serendipitous!

The Class is a physical practice that is all encompassing. Intense and meditative. Activating and integrating. Intuitive and liberating. Through the practice of The Class, Karly has had countless breakthroughs and, most significantly, has released old belief systems that proved to be self-limiting. Karly is forever grateful for the evolution this practice has gifted her and the deep integration of mind, soul, and body.

Karly’s classes are athletic, intentional, inspiring and empowering. Your body will know its strength and your soul will thank you!