Kate is the first born child, not only to her three younger siblings, but upwards of twenty grandchildren.  Becoming a leader wasn't a choice but a necessity. Following after her grandparents- who consisted of painters and actors- she fell in love with the arts and from there began pursuing theater and dance.  She competed within multiple formats throughout her dance career and helped choreograph and perform in all of her high school musicals. This led her to UCLA where she danced on multiple teams throughout her four years there.  After graduation she had tired herself of competitive dance but was not tired of movement. She happened on a yoga studio near her apartment and fell in love with the practice, leading her to complete her 300 hour teacher training. 

After teaching full time for two years she made a massive leap following the love of her life to Vancouver, Canada. With no job and no friends, she spent the majority of her day where there was, free wifi, healthy food, and good people Turf.  She kept hearing about The Class and by-chance Taryn happened to be on her Lululemon tour heading for Vancouver. After a one class with Taryn at Turf she knew it would change her life. She quickly dedicated herself to the practice and it helped unlock what was holding her back from facing a new city head on.  Through the training and teaching The Class, Kate found herself coming to a head with the insecurities she had been carrying around her body for years. She has been able to find strength, but most prominently the softer part of herself she had been hiding.

Kate's classes are filled with fire, athleticism, but also allow you an opportunity to move into the tenderness in the body.  Come to her Class to say hello to your body, ignite a conversation with your mind, and most importantly feel.