A B O U T S O P H I A 

Sophia has a wealth of experience in many forms of physical movement. Her natural connection with movement and music started at the tender age of 3 through ballet and then later tap, jazz and musical theatre. Being on stage became a very natural and comfortable space for Sophia. A space to perform, to release, to allow the physical body to move. While pursuing a professional dance career, Sophia was also questioning many parts of herself in an attempt to understand her personal journey and healing. This inspired her to study philosophy of religion at college.
While pregnant with her first son in 2004, Sophia found yoga and meditation and this allowed her to have a grounded connection to her unborn child through breathing and stillness. After her first pregnancy and an injury, Sophia realized she would have to find another way to move. This lead her to running and marathons and later triathlons. It is no surprise that the next path would lead her to the indoor boutique cycling space. Sophia worked in London in this space for a few years.

Sophia discovered The Class by Taryn Toomey after moving to NYC 2 years ago, and suddenly there was a clear and profound link to all the elements that Sophia was wanting to work with. The Class teacher training has allowed Sophia to truly understand the impact of movement and the ability to connect back to ourselves. Sophia believes that The Class Method creates a heightened awareness to our thoughts and conscious choices. This allows for deep healing and physical and mental strength, with the addition of an incredible community and of course, great banging tunes.

Sophia regularly teaches Class in NYC and is also an instructor at SoulCycle. She has a welcoming, nurturing, and warm, yet challenging approach to the method. You can expect an eclectic range of music, a lot of burpees and some Britain humour thrown in.