A B O U T   S O P H I E 


Sophie's presence is a breath of fresh air. An old soul with a bright heart, she is a 17-year-old New York native who lives the West Village with her parents and two younger brothers. Sophie’s story truly begins around 11 when she baffled educators and doctors alike. She could not read.

With no one explanation for what was happening to her, she began a long, winding journey of schooling, testing, and thousands of hours at a learning center. Her frustration led to anxiety, so she was intuitively guided to begin yoga and experiment with different movement exercises to help her not only cope with frustration, but to also explore ways that she could express herself physically – in a way that language could not touch.

Moving and connecting with her body healed her. Within four years and through tireless work, Sophie flipped the script on those who doubted her and became a better reader, writer, and learner than ever imagined. Her mind-body approach changed her path. She is inspired to share those possibilities with other teenagers.

Her 200-hour ISHTA and soon to be completed 500-hour yoga certifications are just the beginning of her path. After finding The Class by Taryn Toomey, Sophie immediately identified with the philosophy of self-awareness, confidence in movement, and mind-body connection. The Class has become an awe-inspiring part of Sophie’s daily ritual.

Sophie’s classes are raw, energetic and full of spunk - offering a communal safe space for teens and adults alike to inhabit their bodies again. She manifests pure joy and a magical sense of closer being.

Sounds : Florence And The Machine, John Mayer, Lorde, Coldplay, Sia, Kodaline, Eminem