The Class by Taryn Toomey : 10-Class Package

The Class by Taryn Toomey is a cathartic movement experience. Through the intentional discomfort of physical conditioning, we see who we are. There is a peace in strength; grace in release.



Back by popular demand, The Retreatment will be held at the beautiful Playa Grande Beach Club this winter. This luxury boutique resort designed by Celerie Kemble is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. It sits on a mile long expanse of wild, virgin beach on the Atlantic Ocean against a backdrop of lush low mountain forests. It is the perfect backdrop for the balance of doing transformational work and settling into deep relaxation.

  • Week 1 : Jan 21st - 27th : Taryn Toomey & Kevin Courtney
  • Week 2 : Feb 25th - March 3rd : Taryn Toomey & Jaycee Gossett

THE LAYER by Taryn Toomey

The Layer is a seasonal cleanse program designed by Taryn Toomey with the help of culinary nutrition consultant, Mikaela Reuben and triple board certified nutritionist, Dana James. It includes a detailed manual, daily nutritional plans (a unique blend of seasonal, anti-inflammatory, and ayurvedic practices), simple yet delicious recipes, instructions for mindful routines and rituals, tools for cravings and most importantly a loving community. Participants around the country re-set their physical and emotional bodies by re-prioritizing the time spent taking care of themselves.



Give the gift that costs nothing and also gives back.

Your presence. 

This season, allow your triggers to be places of growth. 

When you feel them activate,

let it be the cue to find the stillness inside you. 

Once you settle, connect to them and ask,

 “What is on your mind? How is your heart? What are your fears?”

Be with them. Listen. Take time. Use your presence. 

Healing them while healing you.

xx TT


SEFTE LIVING by Taryn Toomey : Meditation Cushion

"The co-founder of this company was my very first student, way before The Class had a name. Sefte supports local female artisans in the high Andes of Peru so their company has a direct impact on the lives of people in a place I hold dear to my heart." xxTT

This Sefte Living meditation cushion was hand selected by Taryn and customized in a dusty rose hue. This collection is hand-made by a cooperative of Peruvian women who literally crochet their way to financial freedom. For these women, the ancient art of crocheting is their meditation. As they make each medallion, they imbue it with power and grace. They steep it in vitality. They fill it with breath and soul. There is a real human touch and a real human story in every piece.

Available for purchase in our Tribeca Studio.



"You will often hear us saying “take a bath” after The Class. A simple self care tool to soothe the body and spirit."  xxTT

Our latest beauty collaboration - Pursoma's After The Class Bath - is specifically formulated to enrich the benefits of The Class by Taryn Toomey. This soothing soak gently brings you back home to your body post-workout. Each bath includes a handpicked Quartz crystal to help reset and balance your body’s energy, awaiting your intentions.

Pure. Potent. Powerful.

Available for purchase in our Tribeca Studio.







Heyday is a facial shop offering customized facials that fit in your wallet and your schedule. You’ll leave feeling fresh, hydrated, and glowing and gain the cumulative, long-term benefits of a healthy skincare routine. 

30 minutes | 50 minutes | 75 minutes | Membership Options




HIGHERDOSE Infrared Sauna Sessions

Our friends at HigherDOSE have two chic locations in downtown Manhattan. Stop by their infrared sauna spas to experience a session that feels like a workout, facial, acupuncture, and massage all in one. 

Get high naturally. 



JOANNA VARGAS Triple Crown Facial

"One of the most luxurious things I do for myself is get monthly facials. Joanna has been taking care of my skin for the past three years and I can't speak highly enough of ALL of her services. She has a gift and delivers it through her hands." xxTT

This signature 3-step facial will re-define your features from the first treatment! Both preventative and restorative, it creates a glowing complexion - no matter what your age!

Salons located in NYC & Los Angeles




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