The Retreatment Workshop
Retreat without needing to go anywhere

The Hamptons
August 22nd
Jaycee Gossett & Alison Sinatra


DATES : August 22nd, 2019

TIME : 9am - 2:30pm

LOCATION :  The Class Hamptons Studio

LED BY : Jaycee Gossett & Alison Sinatra


  • Morning meditation with Alison Sinatra

  • 90 minutes of The Class by Taryn Toomey with Jaycee

  • Farm to table lunch, free of gluten, dairy, & refined sugar

  • Restorative gentle afternoon yoga with Alison Sinatra

COST : $250



The Retreatment Workshop : Hamptons



Pause the summer with a half day of transformation and relaxation. Experience the potency of The Retreatment in this condensed version offered in the Hamptons. The Class will curate a half day for you to give back to yourself. We'll start with a meditation that is designed to seamlessly transition into 90 min of The Class. We'll nourish our bodies with a healthy and delicious communal brunch, and end the day with gentle restorative yoga. Retreat without needing to go anywhere.


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Jaycee Gossett

Jaycee has traveled the world studying movement. She believes the way we move is the mirror for how we live. A life-long dancer, movement has always been the answer for Jaycee. But growing up in a small New Jersey town, she struggled to find deeper meaning, expression and connection. Jaycee found her way through movement and went on to become an International, award-winning competitive Latin Ballroom dancer. This experience led to a dancing and acting career in commercials, TV, film and theater, including a series on Travel Channel titled “Dance the World.”

As an extension of her practice, Jaycee embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage traveling to Peru, India, Africa, Brazil, Cuba and others where she studied the roots of movement with seers, masters and healers who helped her help others find healing through movement.

Upon her arrival back to the country, Jaycee immersed herself in movement therapy modalities such as 5R and yoga trance dance, with teachers Gabrielle Roth, Shiva Rea and a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Alison Sinatra. She serendipitously reconnected with Taryn Toomey and found her home at The Class. Jaycee’s classes are empowering, expressive and freeing. She challenges her students to move beyond the surface and moves them forward towards Freedom. She simply asks that her students move in a way that matters.


Alison Sinatra

Alison has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and loves helping people remember inner space and a free body. She received her first teacher training certificate in 2001 in New York City and continues to be influenced by master teachers from many traditions.

She is a senior teacher at Woodstock Yoga in Woodstock, NY and Kula Yoga in New York City. Her classes are breath and heart-centered with deep, intelligent sequences that secretly make you work. She incorporates humor, Kundalini and devotional intention.

Alison leads and co-leads retreats all over the world. Her favorite and most popular is her Goddess Retreat, which creates a transformative, inclusive, healing space for women.

Her spiritual path also includes Native and South American studies and Reiki. She lives in the woods with her intuitive hubby, Anton and magical munchkins Violet and Joseph Little Hawk.




Through subtle plant aromatic inhalation practices Victorine Deych will support you in settling deep into your meditation and movement practice. The aromatherapy blends used for this retreat are custom designed to give you a one of a kind journey through your internal well-being.

Victorine Deych
 is a leading New York City-based scent maker, muse and curator of wellbeing, beauty and lifestyle experiences.

With a passion for mental and physical vitality through scent, Victorine is exploring the outer boundaries of being by fusing scent within the health, luxury and entertainment realms. She believes that somewhere between extremes of our being - between our dark and light sides - we find balance, the epicenter of who we are, our individuality. From this duality, she created Victorine, a collection of unique, wild-crafted, organic, and ethically sourced scents.

Holding certifications in botanical perfumery and holistic health, Victorine, combines her sense of adventure and expertise in products and experiences that engage the senses. With an insatiable thirst for impactful endeavors and products, her brand was launched to critical acclaim.

Connect with Victoria on instagram at @iamvictorine and @iam_dusted.



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