The Retreatment Whistler : Remainder : $900

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The Retreatment Whistler : Remainder : $900


This non-refundable, non-transferrable remainder confirms your spot on The Retreatment Whistler.

Wake up to a cup of coffee and a light breakfast with a views of the surrounding forrest and the babbling Brew Creek itself. Morning meditation with Kevin will be followed by 2 hours of The Class with Natalie. Brew Creek’s renowned chef, Stefan Vagelatos, is creating simple, healthy, and bountiful family-style brunches, focusing on farm fresh, local ingredients. On Friday afternoon, we’ll take an excursion to Scandinave Spa, whose facilities include steam baths, saunas, cold plunge baths, and a nordic waterfall. In the late afternoon, join Kevin for a cooling restorative gentle yoga class surrounded by nature. Our dinners will be comfortably elegant dishes that highlight the best in seasonal, locally raised and harvested produce.

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