The Session with Thomas Droge : Tip


The Session with Thomas Droge : Tip


"From arrival to exit, The Retreatment is transformation. This retreat is all about change, shift, let go, integrate, begin again. You step onto the island with the world still behind you, your intent beginning to form, entering a space of powerful wise women and men and you begin.  Along the journey you're understanding changes, your relationship to the stories you came with begins to let go, your body finds its STRENGTH your mind finds its CLARITY and your heart OPENS.

I created The Session specifically for The Retreatment as a catalyst for energetic healing, reflection, and support of your individual journey. Whether it is the mantra offered for you, alignment through acupuncture, qi healing, or alignment of spirit, these sessions bring another layer of understanding to the shift.

The Session is designed to reveal your personal map, to find your way to clarity, peace, and the joy of "moving from the heart".  Drawing from ancient Daoist healing practices, we clear obstruction, unlock the energetic gates and discover the frequency of change.

In these 60-minute sessions, I draw as needed from the sources of:
Centering : Coming into awareness and creating a personal language of the change you are experiencing.
Acupuncture : Attuning the body mind and spirit to its new higher frequency.
Energetic Attunement : Up-regulating your body and spirit to an Energy Rich state.
Mantra Practice : A single word that will bring you back into resonance.

The Session brings you into an awareness of who you truly are. The mantra, the qi healing and the understanding you come away with, are
like a whisper that you can follow back and rediscover long after you have left The Retreatment."

-- Thomas

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